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Steve Wilson by Blackbird2 Steve Wilson by Blackbird2
Despite being the captain and star of the school's soccer team and fairly well liked by this classmates, Steve's life isn't quite the American Dream it seems to be. The biggest exception being his relationship with his father, who himself was a star athlete in high school though he excelled in football rather than soccer. He had hoped Steve would follow in his footsteps and add another Wilson name to the school's trophy case but was less than thrilled when his son chose soccer over a "man's sport".

Steve defended his position by saying he preferred the excitement and strategy that came with soccer of the mindless slamming into each other that seemed to dominate football. Plus his thin frame lent itself better to high paced action of soccer. A theory backed up by the many wins he led the team too. While impressed his father still seemed insistent on him dropping out of soccer next year and joining the football team.

In fact he was right in the middle of another fight with this dad over it during lunch period when his cellphone started to glow brightly and the next thing he knew he was in the Digital World. Just as surprised as the other kids, he quickly got his head together and tried to calm the others down. A task easier said than done but when The Guardian appeared he accomplished was Steve couldn't.

Once the situation was explained, some of the group assumed Steve would led what with being a captain and being used to being in charge of a team but he gladly chose the "second-in-command" position being Tracy since her outdoor experience was much greater than his. Instead he decided to be the team's conscience and try to hold them together in the dire times ahead.

An attitude not entirely shared by his partner Wolfmon who seems to live up to the "lone wolf" stereotype. While agreeing to work with the group for whatever reasons, the wolf like Digimon certainly didn't seemed too enthused to actually endear himself to the group. In fact he spent most of his time just off to the side of the team when they stopped to rest with only Steve being his constant companion. A situation he's quickly becoming less and less annoyed with, which is exactly what Steve was hoping would happen. Hopefully someday soon Wolfmon will become completely comfortable with this partner and the rest of the group.

Character by :iconblackbird2:

Art by :iconfestum:
Deaku Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Sounds like a nice guy, always good to have one of them on the team ^_^
Blackbird2 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
Indeed, helps keep moral up. Plus I thought it went nicely against the "lone wolf second of the group" dynamic some of the other series set up. Here he and Tracy actually get along quite well and do everything they can to make sure everyone else gets through this as safely as they can.
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June 29, 2012
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