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Shamrock by Blackbird2 Shamrock by Blackbird2
Or should that Princess Shamrock since she's an Alicorn and it seems all Alicorns are princesses. Hmmm. Course I did make a horrible, horrible mistake by making an Alicorn cause we all know that's a terrible, awful thing to do and she'll obviously be a Mary Sue.

Whaever haters.

Actually this was just the product of me messing around with the Pony Creator by :icongeneralzoi: here: [link] I just kinda stumbled into the coloring and really liked it. I know she's very green and her mane almost looks like a Green Lantern contrust. At least to me it does. And yes I gave her Celestia and Luna's flowing mane cause...well they look good. And I think it's a requiste for Alicorns. Just like being a Princess.

Or I'm over thinking this whole thing. Whatever. I really have no idea what, if anything, I'm gonna do with her I just kinda like what I made and felt like saving and sharing it. So there ya go.

On a funnier note I wanted her to look like she was just cheerful smiling but with the way the tail came out to be under her hooves it looks like she's trying to smile politely for a pic or something while surpressing a scream of pain. Or maybe that's just me.

Oh and no she doesn't have a Cutie Mark cause I don't know how to do that. Or what it woud be. Probably an actual shamrock or a four leaf clover. And yes the name "Shamrock" came to me cause she IS so green.
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Deaku Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
She's so green... not that I'm complaining, I like green ^_^
I don't see why an alicorn couldn't be a normal pony that can both fly and use a bit of magic, a sort of jack-of-all trades thing. Hmmmm... in fact maybe because they have both wings and a horn both abilities are weakened due to a split in focus; they can fly but not very fast or skillfully, and their magic is weak so they can only use very basic magic (or maybe even only a little bit of the magic TK).
Though if Shamrock here would have to be a pony goddess like Celestia & Luna due to her being an alicorn maybe she could be the pony goddess of luck ^_^ That could be interesting as well as fitting her name a bit. And everybody knows how fickle luck can be so there's something to build a personality off of right there.

As for her stepping on her own tail... Maybe she was doing a bit of public speaking or something then took a step back (maybe to get into a better position) and stepped on her own tail. Now she's thinking something like "Keep smiling... keep smiling... don't let them know you messed up. Just keep smiling, take a step forward and keep on with the speech."
Blackbird2 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
That's a very good idea actually and I never thought of that. LIke you said over MSN though people seem to think of Alicorns as God-tiers cause we've only seen Celestia and Luna but obviously there's at least a third with Candence on the way so who's to say their aren't some more out there?

Actually cause she was so green I was if she WAS a goddess it'd be like a goddess of nature or something but I like the luck thing better. You're right it DOES fit her name and could lead to some very interesting ideas down the road. Course I still need to figure out what her Cutie Mark would be.

Yeah I figured it was something like that. Just a misstep and she's own her tail and trying to keep a dignified presence in public. Though it's kind of ironic for her to do that if she IS The goddess of luck cause that's pretty unlucky right there. Maybe to even things out she can bring good luck to other ponies but her own luck is less than stellar. Hmmm...yeah that has some serious story potential.
Deaku Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
Well her cutie mark could still be a four-leaf clover since that's a symbol of luck. A horseshoe is considered lucky too well it's turned upwards and unlucky when turned down; maybe she could have two horse shoes as her cutie mark with one turned up and the other down, that could represent both sides of luck.

The could certainly be entertaining; Shamrock can affect the luck of others for good or bad but can't affect her own at all, of course her own luck runs from none to bad ;P
Blackbird2 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
Hmmmm...I kinda like the duel horeshoe thing so it's not quite on the nose and we know the show animators LOVE to use horseshoe Cutie Marks so it could be nod to them as well. Maybe they're crossed over on one side each to symbolize good and bad luck intermingling. At least as far as Shamrock is concerned.
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February 5, 2012
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