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BeBe Livingston by Blackbird2 BeBe Livingston by Blackbird2
Unlike her twin sister, BeBe has no problem letting everyone else in their high school knowing that she is their social superior. It was a lesson she learned from her equally stuck up mother, who believes that their wealth made them better than everyone else in town. Living this philosophy to it's fullest, BeBe constantly makes rude and cutting remarks to those of "lower class" than herself and her sister. A habit that has caused a bit of friction between the otherwise close siblings.

Of course what caused the biggest rift between them was when they were both pulled into the Digital World and ended up on opposite sides of the growing conflict. Although she doesn't want to fight her own sister, BeBe can't help but agree with Serpentmon that those who have the power should rule over those who don't. Although she usually refers to the power money can bring, she can't disagree that actual power is good as well.

It's a trait she shares with her partner Tinkermon who is always looking for a way to advance her own personal power and social standing. Together they make a formidable team and not one to be underestimated despite their sometimes bratty behavior.

Character by :iconblackbird2:
Art by :iconfestum:
Deaku Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
Well she certainly sounds like a nasty sort, at least if your not wealthy anyway. Though with her and her digimon always on the lookout to advance their position and power sounds like they'll be ones that even their teammates might have to watch out for.
Blackbird2 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Oh she's one of the three constantly fighting for the position of the group leader. While she CAN respect the "food chain" of high school with Stacy and Blitz being on top as cheerleader and football player, she also feels that in the real world she should be in charge because of her own social standing.

So yeah, not the close nit group of our heroes.
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August 14, 2012
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