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Which one of the crackships do you like the most? 

6 deviants said Spiderette/Vampiress
3 deviants said Lolita/Chibishin
2 deviants said Moonie/Blackbird/Queen Glass
1 deviant said Sorceress/Nightingale
No deviants said Nitehawk/Aquatika
Well it's midnight so that makes it's Jan 2 so I figured I'd go ahead and end the Candy Cain Jam. Big things to all those who helped out and provided some amazing art! I might actually make that one a yearly tradition if no one minds. I like having those, especially for Christmas.

Now onto this new jam. Yep doing a jam right away just like the old days. And like the old days it'll be a two month jam because it's kinda gonna be a long one! If you'll notice for the last few weeks I've been running polls about various characters getting shipped together. Originally this was just a mild curiosity brought about because people seemed to like Spiderette with Coldsnap. So I made a poll about her and other chars people might want to see Spiderette with. Ironically Coldsnap did't win but Vampiress did. I blame Vampiress' awesome cleavage.

But it that started me on a quest to do more just for fun til I figured out what I can do with them. And so I ran five polls can came up with five crackships that I'm putting in an art jam! Yep we're doing another couples' jam but with some off-the-wall ones! With a bonus, this one actually has a semi story to it. You see, Candy wasn't my only self made holiday mascot. I also came up with one for Valentine's Day called, very creatively, Val Day. Here's a pic of her!

Mature Content

Val Day 2 by CornellBlueMoon

She's my Cupid stand in. And much better to look at I say. But in an effort to prove she's better than Cupid she decides to make some random strangers fall in love. And she's doing it a month early than the stupid baby! So who are our lucky couples? Well they are...

1. Spiderette:Spiderette 2 by Blackbird2/Vampiress:OC Vampiress by AEQUORmwPoon

2. Nitehawk:Nitehawk Character Sheet by Blackbird2/Aquatika:Aquatika by Lufidelis II by McGeekerson

3. Moonie:OC Moonie [Request] by AEQUORmwPoon/Blackbird:Teen Titans Blackbird by Blackbird2/Queen Glass:OC Queen Glass by AEQUORmwPoon

4. Sorceress:Sorceress by Blackbird2/Nightingale:Nightingale II by Blackbird2

5. Lolita:OC Lolita by AEQUORmwPoon/Chibishin:Chibishin by Blackbird2

And those are the "couples". Well except for the case of Moonie/Blackbird/Queen Glass where it's more of a...thurple is the work I've seen thrown around. A three way relationship basically. I went with that route for them because Blackbird and Queen Glass were actually tied in the poll for Moonie's affections and since Blackbird and Moonie are a couple canonically it's not much of a crackship is it? Until Queen Glass is thrown in there. Then it's cracking up!

Now both Chibishin and Van were also tied in Lolita's poll but I didn't want to do two three way relationships because that seemed like a bit too much so I went and flipped a coin. Sorry for those of you who REALLY wanted to draw Lolita and Van together but it seemed fate was partial to Chibishin in this instance. Maybe we'll get to the other two at a later date.

So for now those are your options. You'll have from now until Feb 29th to submit a pic of any couple doing whatever you like in. And if you're feeling really ambitious maybe you could through Val in there in the background and show her influencing them. You can also give her some clothes if you want.

Nice since some of these pics aren't full bodied or colored here are some more reference pics to help!

Spiderette by Blackbird2  There's Something On Your Back by Blackbird2Spiderette by Koza-Kun

Blackbird Wonderverse Version by Impse 

Mature Content

A battle won by dragons4life

Nightingale by Blackbird2  Sorceress and Emerald Witch by CornellBlueMoon  

Mature Content

Sorceress by CornellBlueMoon

And that's it! So have fun with this crazy premise everyone!

Oh and I should thank my pal :iconmcgeekerson: for letting me using his gal Aquatika for this. And of course my lovely girlfriend :iconcornellbluemoon: for Moonie and doing some of the pics I'm using for references here.

Featured on :icontryout1980:


1. "Blackbird, Moonie and Queen Glass" by :iconcornellbluemoon::

Mature Content

Blackbird Moonie and Queen Glass by CornellBlueMoon

2. "Aquatika X Nitehawk" by :iconstormhippo:(commissioned by :iconmcgeekerson:):

Mature Content

Aquatika X Nitehawk by StormHippo

3. "Crackship-Spiderette Vampiress-Kiss on the Web" by :iconimpse::

Mature Content

Crackship - Spiderette Vampiress - Kiss on the Web by Impse

4. "AquatikaNitehawk" by :icontulio19mx::
AquaticaNitehawk by TULIO19mx

5. "Nitehawk and Aquatika" by :iconadmontanheiro:(commissioned by :iconmcgeekerson:):

Mature Content

Nitehawk and Aquatika by AdMontanheiro by McGeekerson
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